Our Estate Wines

Our Wine-Making Philosophy

We make only pinot and chardonnay wines, and we follow the time-honored tradition of “letting the grapes speak through the wine.” We patiently let the vinification process in each barrel of wine create its own individual expression of terroir, vintage, and barrel aging.

Barrel Aging

We age all our estate wines 12 to 18 months in specially selected oak barrels. We let each varietal and vintage rest in barrel until the wine achieves a perfect marriage of flavor, aroma, color, and texture.

Extended Aging in Bottle

For financial reasons, most commercial wines are released soon after bottling, in many cases while the wine is still undergoing “bottle shock.” At Domaine Verdant , we want each bottle of wine that we release to have achieved its full expression of terroir and growing season. All our wines therefore undergo extended aging in the bottle to achieve their full maturity before being released. We typically hold our chardonnay wines for one to two years before release. For our pinot noir wines, we typically hold vintages from warmer growing seasons like 2013 and 2014 for two to three years to let the deep fruit and spicy pinot flavors fully emerge in each bottle. For vintages from cooler growing seasons like 2010 and 2011,, we typically hold our wines for four years or more to allow the delicate structuration of a cool-season wine to to run its course. Our extended barrel and bottle aging means that each bottle of wine we release is ready to be served and enjoyed fully that day, or may be cellared for several years or longer.

Our Domaine Verdant Varietals

Our estate wines are made only from grapes grown in our Yamhill estate vineyards and include these varietals and clones:

Pinot Noir – Dijon Clones 113, 114, 115, 777, and Pommard
Pinot Blanc – Weissburgunder clone
Pinot Gris – Colmar clone
Chardonnay – Dijon Clones 76, 96, and 548

Our Five Domaine Verdant Wines

To achieve the fullest possible expression of varietal, terroir, and vintage, we offer four selections of pinot noir wines each year – Tryptique, Quintessence, Singularity and La Follesse– as well as our Enchanteuse chardonnay.