La Follesse

Our new La Follesse label offers wines that are the result of a fortuitous matching of our pinot noir clones with specially composed and toasted oak barrels intended to highlight the spicy fruit qualities of our pinot noir grapes. In a word, La Follesse redefines our expectations of the wines that pinot noir vines can provide in North America, demonstrating a depth and range of spicy pinot flavors that we believe are unmatched by pinots grown elsewhere in the world. Intended for and available to only a few connoisseurs of pinot noir around the world, each vintage of La Follesse will yield only a few barrels of this extraordinary wine.

2015 La Follesse
Released in 2018

The first two barrels of our La Follesse wine were made in 2015 and were aged until early 2017. A┼┐ter only three months in barrel, our first ever barrels of La Follesse already promised a wine with a unique flavor profile and exceptional character. The 2015 released in late 2018 offers a uniquely intense, spicy pinot profile. Only 45 cases were produced. $120