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Availability of Our Wines

For your convenience, we are providing below an order form for our available Domaine Verdant, Oregon Hills Vineyards, Oregon Terroirs, and OBR Oregon Big Reds wines.

Please note that the order form below does not include wines that have not yet been released. If you are interested in being an en primeur buyer for our as yet unreleased wines, please contact us by email (see the “Contact Us by email” form below), and we will let you know when we release each wine that you are interested in.

Please also note our discount and shipping policies:

Discount Policy:

We offer the following discounts based on purchase quantities:
Fewer than three bottles – no discount
Three-bottle pack – 10% discount
Six-bottle pack – 15% discount
Mixed case of 12 bottles – 20% discount
Full case of single wine – 25% discount

Shipping Policy:

All our wines are packed in sturdy shipping cartons for insured delivery to your home or office address by UPS or Federal Express. Please see below our chart of shipping costs within the USA below. One, two, and three-bottle gift packages are also available at an additional charge of $5 per bottle.
Please contact us by email to arrange express deliveries or overseas shipments of our wines.

Our packing and shipping charges are as follows:


West of the Mississippi River

East of the Mississippi, Hawaii, Alaska

One or two bottles:

$20 total

$30 total

Three-bottle pack:

$25/pack of 3

$30/pack of 3

Six-bottle pack:

$30/pack of 6

$35/pack of 6

Mixed case of 12 bottles:

$40/case of 12

$40/case of 12

Full case of single wine:

$70/case of 12

$70/case of 12

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We would always be happy to provide you with any information or other assistance that will help you understand, care for, and enjoy our wines. Please feel free to contact us by email using the following form.

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